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The Shawna Club
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This is a community dedicated to Shawna and secondarily dedicated to Lamas and their awesome ability to spit. Shawna is my best friend. She decided to make a Jero Community and in return I have made a Shawna Community. When I was in grade school, before I even knew Shawna, my school bus route would drive by many farms. One of the farms had a Lama on it. Often the stupid kids would taunt the poor Lama. The Lama would then strike back with spit. The funniest moments were the time the kid forgot his window was down. Lama spit all in the face. Anyways, in this community, we talk about Shawna and Lamas. We give lovely stories of Shawna and Lamas. We also do our best impersonations of Shawna and Lamas. On a side note, you can basically do whatever you'd like in this community. It is good times had by all.